studio visit… welcome to my studio


watch out – don’t step near that wet paint! -PE

The current paintings are based on the concept of GroupThink and tranformations; the works are four x five ft. and acrylic, chalk and mixed media on canvas. – PE


4 Responses to “studio visit… welcome to my studio”

  1. kevin musumano Says:

    your mixed media drawings are magnificent! beautiful work ms edwards!
    They touch my soul.

  2. Charles Teti Says:

    I agree with Kevins comments, I am thrilled he forwarded this to me. Aidan and I send our love. Seeing this , and a picture of an old friend made me smile. thanks for making my day.

  3. kristopher Says:

    yo ms fleck’edwards…beautiful paintings…love the energy of your hand and the movement in the canvas…rock on !

  4. machine a sous nice Says:

    machine a sous nice

    studio visit… welcome to my studio | Patricia Edwards: Painter/Illustrator/Educator

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