The Lab Schools of Washington

sallyPlease visit the website for the Lab Schools of Washington. In the spring of 2008 I was privileged to receive an award as an art educator and witnessed first hand “The Power of Art” to reach and transform lives through arts education. I was delighted to meet Chris Rauschenberg and to visit this magnificent, magical campus designed where all students can learn successfully. The faculty, parents, students and administrators were amazing – – and thank goodness for the gifts of Sally and Bob and for their ongoing legacy of teaching and learning through the arts! –Patty Edwards
This comes from the web.. “About Sally Smith (1929-2007)
Sally L. Smith founded and designed The Lab School of Washington in 1967 for intelligent children and adults with learning disabilities. She was also a Professor in the School of Education at American University in charge of the Master’s Degree Program in Special Education: Learning Disabilities. It was Professor Smith’s belief that everyone can learn, and she designed Lab School teaching approaches involving all the art forms and experiential education to teach academic skills to children and adults. She developed the Academic Club Method, a highly scholastic academic vehicle that teaches history, geography, civics or any subject through the arts, which has been overwhelmingly successful with Lab School students since its inception. It builds storehouses of knowledge, vocabulary, fluency of language, and critical thinking in poor readers and non-readers, which good readers develop from prolific reading.

Professor Smith was a national leader in the field of learning disabilities. In April 2001, American University gave her a medal for twenty-five years of outstanding service. In November 1999, she was recognized as a Principal of Excellence and presented with the Distinguished Educational Leadership Award by The Washington Post.”


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