Visiting Artist Lecture and Teacher Workshop: MAMA GIRL

“WE CAN COME TOGETHER: Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. Martin L. King Jr.”

ODU Students, art education teachers, alumni and the community came together at ODU for a Visiting Artist Lecture at the Baron and Ellin Gordon Galleries and Studios on February 16, 17, 18th.  Designed for art teachers and students, the weekend workshop was led by self-taught artist, MAMA GIRL.

About the Project.  “We Can Come Together” is a current collaboration with the ODU Art Education Program and artist MAMA GIRL.  Students learn new methods of recycling, reducing and reusing newspaper and with a small amount of glue to create papier mache figures.  Individual figures are then installed by hand by MAMAGIRL and represent the coming together, as community, committed to the vision and ideals of social justice.  This work honors the legacy of Dr. Martin L. King Jr., and reaffirms our commitment as teachers and artists for social justice and equity.  The project concept is growing and the installation developing in partnership with MAMAGIRL. Copyright MAMAGIRL and all image rights reserved.  For more information

Studio Collaboration with MAMA GIRL 2010


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  1. pattyedwards Says:

    Art for Social Justice
    Collaborate ~ Create ~ STEAM +H ~Innovate

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